Thursday, August 31, 2006

Flat Bread

My picture taking abilities are horrible. I've tried everything to get these pictures to look halfway decent...grrr. I may have to invest in a better camera. Na, I need a blender first :)

Anyway, minestrone leftovers with Indian flat bread was on the menu tonight. The leftovers were great, but the flat bread was, well, flat. And I think I put way too many seasame seeds in it. This bread would probably be better suited as a wrap of some sort, rather than as a side bread with dinner.

I LOVE all the vegan food blogs that are out there. Love, Love, Love. There are literally hundreds. Many have been going for awhile, so I have to play alot of catch-up to get current. Tonight I skimmed through Vegancore....OMG! I have dinner inspiration for weeks! (Not to mention quite a few treats, oh how I'm missing good, sweet, baked goods)


Lietta said...

The Indian flat bread looks good to me, sounds yummy too. Hey, honey - is that okay? Animal product, but haven't seen abuse of bees yet...??

Lica said...

I personally don't use honey, as some bees are killed during the honey retriving process, and just like milk is intended for calves, honey is produced by bees for bees.

Honey is one of the debatable issues I see in the forums alot.