Sunday, August 27, 2006


I know, I know....tonight's dinner looks a lot like last night's dinner. But you see, the trade-off for buying only organic is that we eat a lot of stews/soups for dinner. It stretches over a few nights thereby maximizing our $$$. (Also, its the final stretch until payday, so it always gets a little lean around this time)

The recipe is from FatFree. I have used several recipes from this archive, and they have all been pretty good. None have knocked me out, but then they are fat-free, so what can I expect. :) It's basically a lentil stew served over rice. I enjoyed it, and had seconds. Boo tolerated it, and I thought he was going to have seconds but he just took some rice and threw some soy sauce on it. The Emo kid just pushed her food around, and Red enjoyed mixing the food up but didn't eat anything but her applesauce. She proudly displayed her plate for the camera -

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