Saturday, August 26, 2006

White Chili - Day 3

This is probably not the most exciting dish to use as a first post to relaunch this blog, but it's what we're eating tonight and I wanted to get this blog going again :)

This is day number three for this dish, as the recipe made way more than I needed for one dinner. It's actually a mix of several different white chili recipes as I didn't have all the ingredients for any one recipe. It turned out more like a stew/soup than a chili, but it was good nonetheless. I made some cornbread from a recipe at the ppk that turned out okay, but like the description says, it definitely is not a sweet cornbread! (I'm the only one who managed to finish a piece.)

I really need to learn how to photograph food....this is the only usable picture out of 23

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Anonymous said...

good photo, colorful bowl, and the chili looks inviting. Vegan and photo skills to learn -- you go Girl!