Saturday, September 02, 2006

Muffins, tomatoes, and burritos

Pumpkin Muffins. Mmmm. Enough said. (From this recipe - although I did substitute rice milk for soy and maple syrup for molasses. Oh, and because I regularly have brain farts I used way too much pumpkin, so the muffins came out more like little pieces of pumpkin pie wrapped in a pie bread. Still good and when made right will be awesome.)

I just recently learned two things: tomatoes are botanically classified fruit, not vegetable, and if the SKU number on the little stickers on fruit and vegetables starts with a 9, then its organic. Last night I ate my first organic, vine-ripened tomato. Wow! Very good, so much better than the kind of tomatoes I'm used to (which are non-organic, regular store bought.) I could eat these like fruit..just chomp away at 'em like they were an apple.

Burritos and tots for dinner tonight...and yes I put tots inside the burrito - yum! I added some rice to the refried beans to bulk it up a bit, and put in my secret suace. (Ok, so it was a mild taco sauce packet I had leftover from Taco Bell, but it did the trick.)

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