Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vegan Subs

Not sandwiches, but substitutes. I used a ton of substitute products today.

Here's breakfast with vegan creamer and vegan cream cheese. I've been eating this stuff for months now--so it has become my normal, but as my family pointed out to me, just because something tastes normal to me doesn't mean it tastes normal to them. So I guess what I can say is that if you have no other choice, morally or for dietary concerns, and can't fall back on regular creamer or regular cream cheese, then you can most assuredly get used to this stuff.

Carrot-Apple-Banana Muffins from this recipe. Pretty good stuff. This is my second attempt at vegan-ized muffins and both have been successful. But, what is interesting is that both times the muffins came out of the oven really moist, like they weren't done. After cooling though, they bounced up into shape. The vegan-ized items in these are the milk, which is almond, and the eggs, which were replaced with banana

Dinner tonight was stroganoff. Sort of. It's a family recipe, red sauce and rice instead of white sauce and noodles. Its a simple recipe (made even more simple by me so that my then 5-year-old would eat it.) The beef boullion cubes in the recipe were replaced with veggie broth granules and the sour cream with vegan sour cream. Alongside the stroganoff there was french bread made into garlic bread with the help of vegan 'butter' and some garlic salt.

(Wow....talk about alot of soy)

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