Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bean Salad in Pitas

I think the bean salad recipe is from Vegan Family Favorites, but I can't remember for sure. Everyone ate 'em up tonight, but I think I need to add something to it. Maybe some dijon mustard or avocado or something along those lines. We used mini-pitas, next time though I think I'll stick with the normal size ones.

We also finished up the salad we've been eating all week. Because of the spinach scare, we've been trying some different types of greens in the salad. This time it was dandelion greens. Um, well, they were different. They tasted like, well, Kinda bitter too. I don't know if we'll be eating those again. :)

I have also been trying homemade salad dressings all week. I love, love, love, the agave nectar-avocado-mustard dressing, which was actually a combination of a few recipes. I haven't liked any of the oil dressings though. I think I'll make them all again, without the oil and see what happens. (Maybe add a small amount so the dressing will stick to the salad, but not the amounts called for in the various recipes.)

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