Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What, I don't have to buy fruit!?!?

Ok, so you might think me ignorant or a bit silly, but until this summer the idea of having fruit trees that I could just go pick my fruit off of seemed like a foreign concept. We thought we had an apple tree and a plum tree in our back yard, and we certainly have a plum tree....we have been eating them for weeks now. The "apple" tree is yet to be determined since the squirrels took every last thing off the tree. (Which leads me to believe its a chestnut tree.)

Here is a pic of our plums, along with a pear from a neighborhood tree and some apples from the store.

Red has become quite the picky eater these days. It is getting very difficult to feed her. Last night, I made some tofu nuggets. I though it was going to be a success, but after the first one she quit eating them. The adults liked them though! Dilly Pickles also got his first taste of tofu, in the form of tofu cubes, which he rather enjoyed.

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