Monday, November 13, 2006

Cilantro and Comfort

I made Quinoa and Black Bean Salad from this recipe. It didn't go over so well with most of the family......they are definitely not accustomed to cilantro and lime, it's way to bright for their taste buds...but I'll keep working on 'em :) I enjoyed it though, and will keep the lime, but might cut back on the cilantro. And I'm not so sure the olive oil really enhanced the dish. Dilly Pickles ate it, he's become my little vegan buddy since he eats most of the stuff I cook without complaint. Such a good boy.

I tried this "Comfort Casserole" recipe from the Vegan Family Favorites Cookbook thinking it would be sort of like a french toast bake. Well, it was...but not quite what we thought. When I was preparing it, it smelled SO good. (No, I didn't use brown's prepared the night before and left in the fridge to soak up overnight; then baked in the morning for 1/2 hour) Everyone was looking forward to it, but it turned out mushy on the bottom and very crisp on the top. Probably won't be making it again , I'll just make cinnamon french toast and top it with bananas and raisins. Although I might experiment with trying to put two french toast pieces together and making a banana/raisin stuffed thingy.

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