Saturday, November 18, 2006

Frozen Dinner and a Snickerdoodle

I think I have limited my time in the kitchen as much as I possibly can. Anything I can do to keep from cooking everyday works for me :)

Two nights a week is FFY - fend for yourself - night. Boo and the Emo kid tend to themselves for dinner, and the two little ones get a very simple meal. The big saver though is cooking double batches and freezing half for a second meal. Last night's dinner was just that.....a frozen dinner. Minestrone, which I have posted about before. It is one of the meals that are now in regular winter rotation, along with split pea soup, chili, and the newest quinoa hash. Essentially, I cook the first half of the month and the second half is all frozen and ready to go...weeeeeeeeee! This works great in winter with all the soups and stews. Summer is a bit different as the weather really determines what, if anything, is eaten for dinner.

I was craving something sweet, so I made snickerdoodles. They were pretty good, although next time I will make them a bit thicker as they turned out a bit crispy since I made them pretty thin.

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