Saturday, February 03, 2007 the new blender!

It's not guacamole, but broccomole! Lately we have been eating a lot of broccoli and I have been trying to figure out ways to use the stems. I've added them to my homemade veggie broth and sometimes I julienne them and add to a stir fry, but with this great little recipe I think I have now found the perfect use for them. This tasted so much better than I thought it would. I used this recipe as the base, but didn't have any chiles handy so I added a couple tablespoons of picante sauce instead.

Of course, I could not have made it without the assistance of my new FOOD PROCESSOR! Oh man, I am so happy. I have been waiting to get one of these since I started this vegan transition...and I finally got it!

Speaking of broccoli, I recently discovered broccoli sprouts. I've read that they are even more nutritious than broccoli itself, and for the little ones it's much easier for me to sneak the sprouts into food than it is to sneak in the florets. While I was shopping at the thrift store this week I ran across a home sprouter - and bought it of course. Now I just gotta figure out where to buy broccoli seeds and I can make my own at home :)

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ns said...

Hello Lica,

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