Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fresh Delivery

This weeks food delivery. The boxes are starting to look better. I can't wait for spring/summer boxes! We actually pick up our boxes of food rather than have them delivered. Why would we do that????? Well, if you notice the boxed food in the back area of the picture ---- it was free! FREE! Next to the checkout counter at the Fresh Abundance 'store' is a table of food that is either past its prime or very close to being. That food ends up in a compost pile, but not before they give shoppers a chance to grab some of it. The veggies usually aren't worthy of taking, but the fruit - oh man - the fruit is PERFECT for smoothies...woohoo!

I took a picture of the leaf lettuce that came in today's box. I'm not sure if I captured what I was trying to -- how large it is. Now maybe you have seen a nice head of lettuce like this, but sadly I have not. The ones I usually get at the store are half the size of this one. They (the store) take the outer leaves off the make the lettuce more presentable. Give me a break! Now every time I buy one from a regular store I will feel like I am getting ripped off.

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