Thursday, April 12, 2007

TART's - a.k.a BLT's

The thing about calling vegan food by a non-vegan title is that it conjures up images, smells, tastes, and memories that just aren't there. Such is the case of BLT sandwiches. I remember reading about 'fake bacon' early on when I made the switch and was excited about making a BLT. Well, it wasn't the most horrible experience ever, but it sure wasn't a BLT!

So here I am about a year later and I was really wanting a BLT. This time though, I knew not to expect a BLT.......this time I knew to expect a TART - tempeh, avocado, romaine, and tomato - sandwich. A very proper vegan name if you ask me.(Another thing that has changed from a year ago is the avocado part. I was using Veganaise until about 4 months ago and would have slathered that on the sandwich, but not anymore. No more mayo for us. A mashed up avocado does a nice job of replacing it.)

smoked tempeh, mashed avocado, romaine, and tomato on toasted bread

The Emo kid still isn't too fond of these sandwiches, and Red just plopped her applesauce all over her sandwich, but Boo ate 2 1/2 sandwiches. Even more amazing though is the fact that he didn't make his own real bacon on the side to supplement the sandwiches. That's progress I think!


Shayna said...

Why did you stop using the Veganaise?

Lica said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog Shayna! We gave up Veganaise 'cause I am trying to get us to eat as many whole, healthy foods as possible. Even though Veganaise is vegan, it still isn't "healthy." Same with all the butter spreads - we gave those up too.